Prospect House Wedding Styled Shoot and Photographer Workshop

Styled Shoot

October 15, 2020

Nikkolas Nguyen

Romantic wedding inspiration shoot at Prospect House

This was the first inspiration shoot for the Southern Love Workshop and it was a full-on wedding production led by Nikk and Andy at Prospect House in Dripping Springs, Texas. There was everything from getting ready shots, detail shots, a first look, a full table set up, and insane florals crafted by none other than the incredible Gypsy Floral

There were so many different creative elements and details to work with, which made for a really fun learning experience for the attendees. Nikk and Andy walked everyone through the entire process of how a wedding day looks. It was good for the attendees to see how the two of them individually approach a wedding day because every photographer has their own unique style and creative process.

A world-renowned venue in Dripping Springs, Texas

Prospect House in Dripping Springs, Texas was chosen for the location due to the fact that it’s a staple in the Austin area because of its modern take on the Austin hill country. The venue is constantly getting published by multiple renowned wedding blogs around the world so we thought it would be fitting to host our very first shoot here. Plus, it was really close to the Airbnb we were all staying at so it was super convenient. The Prospect House views are stunning, yet simple, which made for a fun experience as we navigated the different creative elements to create a whimsical and magical atmosphere. 

The intricate process of a wedding day

The primary focus of this shoot was on the actual process of a wedding day. Nikk and Andy really wanted to walk the attendees through the different steps and stages of a wedding day and teach them how to develop their own process for shooting a wedding. It was a really informative and educational time for everyone involved because they got to observe two very different photographers in action. Everyone also walked away with some really epic photos to add to their portfolios, which is always an important part of attending the Southern Love Workshop! Every attendee leaves the workshop with a variety of photos from the different styled shoots.

Learning how to engage with a couple during this Prospect House wedding inspiration shoot 

The most challenging part of this wedding inspiration shoot was the getting ready shots because the room at Prospect House was SO crowded. But, it was a great learning opportunity for the attendees because they got to see the reality that comes with having to maneuver and be creative in order to get the perfect shot, even if the circumstances aren’t ideal. Nikk and Andy taught about camera settings during this shoot, which was really great because the attendees got to observe how different settings affect different shots. 

A big teaching moment was on HOW to talk to the couple. This particular couple absolutely killed it and they were so in love, but the attendees got to watch how Nikk and Andy directed them in order to get the shots they wanted. Thankfully, the couple felt so comfortable that they made it easy to capture their love and their story! 

A cold afternoon at Prospect House in Dripping Springs, Texas

That being said, no one would ever know how unbelievably cold it was!! When we were outside Prospect House during the ceremony, the bride had so many goosebumps that we had to throw a jacket on her between shots just to warm her up! 

Ultimately, this wedding inspiration shoot for the Southern Love Workshop at Prospect House was such a fun learning experience for the attendees and really helped them tap into their own creative style and process when shooting a full wedding day!

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Talented Vendors

Workshop: Southern Love Workshop
Planner & Designer: Big Time Creatives
Photography: Nikk Nguyen Photo
Venue: Prospect House
Furniture, Flatware + Pink Glasses: Bee Lavish Vintage Rentals
Floral: Gypsy Floral
Cake: The Cake Plate
Stationery: The Creative Standard

Plateware, Napkins + Napkin Ring: Table Manners
Bridal Boutique: Unbridaled
Dress Designer: Marchesa
Suit: Bonobos
Female Model: Ana Peavy
Male Model: Coleman Peavy

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